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Data Analytics Services: Data has lot to speak about your business, be it transactional or historical data, once subjected to multidimensional analysis it gives insights to your business. Our data analytics service provides support right from data identification, acquisition, cleansing & transformation to modeling.

We use tools like SPSS, SAS, SQL, Excel, MicroStrategy to enable analytical techniques like Regression Analysis, Machine Learning, Factor Analysis, Co-joint Analysis, Clustering and BI/Reporting. We address data analytic needs of FMCG, Consumer Durables, BFSI, Manufacturing, Energy/Utilities and Retail sectors. We have proven analysis dimensions on which data insights presented.

"Be it Supplier's Performance Analysis or Inventory Optimization Analysis or Strategic Sourcing Analysis or Production Capacity Utilization Analysis, we enable it through BI tools and Advance analytical techniques like Machine Learning"


Data and Content Management Services: Data and Content has to follow life cycle, right from creation to purging. At each stage there is need of management services to achieve desired result from data. Once data is created, it required to be processed, stored, governed and managed as per enterprise needs. We provide services for data & content storage management, optimization, access enablement, quality management and content enhancement. We have robust framework for analyzing relevance of data with respect to its criticality in order to retain, retire, archive or purge. Retiring data requires assessment with respect to its impacts on business, regulatory compliance. Retired data may need to be moved to archive state in case it required for compliance.


Risk & Compliance Support Services: Your enterprise transactions are subjected to external & internal risks and regulatory, legal and statutory compliances. In order to limit exposure to high risk transactions, we have proven methodology to support your risk management requirements. E-discovery for compliance is prominent support we offer. We also prepare specific compliance reports for common compliances like HIPPA, SoX, FDA, GxP, etc.

"Innogress supports your daily risk and compliance management work by executing specific activities in on-shore and off-shore mode"

    Asset Management Services: Whether its your physical or digital assets, we have framework to professionally manage the same through structured processes. 


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