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Innogress' Research Services are branded as '5 Jewels Research', as we boast to bring 5 Jewels of  Research Services to our customers table as value add. 

1.  Diamond Market Research & Analysis Services :

a.  Market / Industry Insights :  We undertake Market Research and Analysis for discovering industry structure and market dynamics. Through our primary and secondary research methodologies, we do take exploration of hidden market opportunities & business scopes for our customers. Our Market Research services  solves complex business problems enabling you to take fact based strategic market decisions. 

b.  Customers Insights : Before you start targeting your market segments, you need to have deep understanding of your customers. Innogress's '5 Jewels Research' helps you in developing that deep understanding and insights of customers through its market research services. 

c. Competitors Insights : Having intelligence about your competitors is key to your competitive positioning in market place. Through our market research services, we provide competitors intelligence and insights which becomes key input to your successful business strategy. 

d. Market Analysis- Supply Side & Demand Side Need-Gap Analysis : Market Size estimation, market demand estimation and market pattern analysis,  supply side & demand side analysis, market segmentation, SWOT Analysis of market players, Market Need-Gap Analysis, identification of blue ocean & red ocean segments, strategic targeting and positioning options, available market sizing for strategic options and SWOT Analysis of strategic options are key offerings of '5 Jewels Research' under this service line. 

e.  Product Design Research & Validation : Be it a new product concept design and launch or re-alignment of existing products, you may need to innovate on new product concepts, design features, attributes and capabilities. Through our Product Design Research, we bring fresh inputs, customers perspectives and market feedback directly from target ecosystem for your new or existing products. We also help in taking validation of your existing products or new product concepts from market. 

f. Market Maturity Surveys : Even before you plan to launch your new products / solutions or even new ventures, assessing market maturity towards acceptance of that new products/solutions or ventures are foundation for successful launch. We at '5 Jewels Research' can plan and execute Market Maturity Surveys for your new products/solutions or ventures and can provide you fact based present and future acceptance level in target market.

g. Business Model Research & Validation : Even if you have fantastic products / solutions, however if your business model is not aligned to the emerging market expectations, it may make you to bleed in terms of revenue loss. '5 Jewels Research' through its Business Model Research framework, enables you to explore and design best favorable market aligned business models to give you sustainable strategic advantage.  

h. Technology Adoption & Business Case Research : Enterprises are taking Digital Transformation initiatives by investing large budget on Digital Tech. implementation. However mere implementation of Technology doesn't ensure business value delivery. Through our Technology Adoption research, we help enterprises to continually assess business value delivery due to Digital Transformation project implementation. We also undertake Business Case Research for publishing whitepapers on your Tech. adoption initiatives. We also undertake Whitepapers commissioned by Tech. vendors for its customers projects.  

i. Customers Experience and Satisfaction Surveys : CX/CSAT Surveys are key to measure periodic alignment of your business with customers. '5 Jewels Research' undertakes CX & CSAT surveys to measure and analyse gap between your offerings/delivery and customers expectations.  




2. Alexandrite Market Intelligence Services : 

a. Emerging Market Trends & Predictions :  Based on our primary and secondary market research and analysis, we deliver Market Intelligence to you in form of Market Trends, Market Predictions, Business Outlooks, Customers Plans & Preferences, Channel Dynamics, Technology Trends, etc. 

b. Pricing Intelligence & Validation : Your business pricing is your competitive advantage. Hence pricing decisions requires depth market intelligence accumulation and its analysis for evolving a market aligned price structure. '5 Jewels Research' helps you to gather pricing related market intelligence for designing and validating most optimal pricing structure for your products and businesses, giving you a sustainable competitive advantage in market.

c. Emerging Investment Trends : Investment outlook remains changing from industry sectors to segments, from geography to demography, and from startups to unicorns. You as business leader may have requirements to know about on-going and emerging hot sectors attracting investments. Through '5Jewels Research' Market Intelligence services, you can have detailed investment related intelligence on your desktop in your sectors of interest.    

d. Emerging Tech. Trends & Predictions : Technology is one of the fast moving sector due to shorter innovation cycle. However Technology innovations not only disrupts existing or older technologies, but also disrupts various business models prevalent in industry. Through our '5 Jewels Research' we deliver Market Intelligence to our customers on Emerging Technologies, insightful Market Trends and Tech. Market Predictions..

e. Emerging Regulatory Trends : Your business is subjected to many local to Global regulations on daily basis. Though your business has adapted to established regulations, however many established regulations are evolving continually, in addition to new and emerging regulations. Through our '5 Jewels Research' we assess emerging regulatory trends impacting your business and provides in depth Market Intelligence owing to regulatory changes.

3. Opel Business Research Services 

aBusiness Strategy Validation Research : While you put your intensive efforts in charting out best business strategy for your firm, however you would prefer testing it in actual market conditions even before you plan rolling it out. Through our Business Research services we help you in evolving your new business strategy and validating the same in market through our '5 Jewels Research' offering.   

b. Business Requirement Research & Analysis : Be it a new product or solution development or enhancement of existing one, Business Requirement Research and Analysis are key activities towards successful product launch. We help businesses in gathering Business Requirements and doing business requirements analysis leading to  market aligned product / solution development. 

c. Voice of Customers & Channel Research :  Serving to customer need is sole purpose of a business entity. Capturing Voice of Customer is a key step in discovering customer need. Similarly voice of channel partners are also important in designing market aligned business offerings. We at Innogress's   '5 Jewels Research' helps you in capturing and understanding Voice of Customers and Voice of Channels.

d.  KPI Research & Benchmarking Surveys :  Businesses needs to measure its performances continually, for that they need to have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) identified for various levels of operations. We at '5 Jewels Research' can help you in identifying and putting up in place most relevant and impactful KPIs for your business operations. We also undertake Benchmarking Surveys for your business operations leading to excellence.  

e. Best Practices & Policy Research : Industry best practices need to be continually explored and adopted for sustained excellence in business.                '5Jewels Research' helps businesses in exploring and adopting industry best practices leading to sustained excellence. We also undertake industry/sectoral/functional level Policy Research to assess its impacts on your business operations.   

f.  Users Experience Research : For product based companies its imperative to have Users Experience (UX) Research done periodically. We design, administer and compile UX surveys, users interviews, field observations, A/B Testing for our customers.

4. Sapphire Deals Due-Diligence Services for M&As and VC Investments : 

a. Deals Target Segment Research : Certain industry segments are more lucrative for investments and deals. Through '5 Jewels Research' you can assign us target segment identification & deals / transactions opportunities research activities, feeding intelligence to deal makers and VCs.  

b. Historic Deals Research : Before you picking up any segment or firm for deal making/investment,  you would like to have Due-diligence done on present and past deals/transactions/investments in your target sectors. '5 Jewels Research' offers you Historic Deals Research and Due-diligence services.

c. Target Companies Research : Once you have zeroed on right target segment for deal making and investing, then comes target companies research.  '5 Jewels Research' can run a focused due-diligence program for collecting facts and information about your target companies.  

5. Beryl Analyst Engagement Services (Subscription based) : Our Analyst Engagement Services are for providing continuous steering and guidance to your firm so that adverse business situations could be predicted at the earliest and kept away leading to successful mitigation of  business risks.

a. '5 Jewels of Analyst Relations' (AR) : Innogress has threaded its key services like Jewels to offer CEOs/CMOs/CXOs/ Entrepreneurs of Tech. firms a holistic, integrated and continuous Analyst Relations Program called '5 Jewels of Analyst Relations'.  (Click here for details)

b. '5 Jewels of Business Performance Improvement' (BPI) : We do understand that raising performance level of a firm requires continuous  improvement through continuous engagement. Our Analyst Engagement Services do provide that required continuous engagement through '5 Jewels of Business Performance Improvement' (BPI)' framework. (Click here for details)

c. “Engage with Tech. Market Analyst”- Sumant’s Opinions Channel : Its a YouTube channel for accessing Opinions & Webinars presented by Chief Analyst of '5 Jewels Research' Mr. Sumant Parimal and his Analysts team on Tech.-Market Trends. It can be accessed and subscribed by clicking here.

d. “5 Jewels Research Tech. Market Update” Channel : Its a YouTube Platform to have Analyst perspectives on key Tech. Market Events,  Regulations, Transactions and Deals. Please do watch and subscribe to our You Tube Channel '5 Jewels Research Tech. Market Update' by clicking here.

e. '5J Predictions' : It is a micro blogging and podcast site of '5 Jewels' Analysts and Researchers, where they predict about upcoming industry trends and disruptions along with market insights.  '5J Predictions' and Podcasts can be accessed by clicking here


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