5 Jewels Consulting

We boast to bring 5 Jewels of  Consulting Services Portfolio for delivering strategic business value to our customers

1. Business Performance Management (BPM) :   

a. 5 Jewels Business Performance Improvement (BPI) Through our '5 Jewels of Business Performance Improvement' we enable you to achieve more with your existing resources leading to better productivity and lowering operational costs. This is also offered as  Subscription based offering under our Analyst Engagement Service line.

b. Operations Cost Optimization Consulting: There is always a potential for improvement & optimization in business. Business pain points are indicators for improvement opportunities; however not all pain points are visible, observed, measured and reasoned. We come up with pointed solutions for business performance improvement and cost cutting by optimization in operations, marketing, supply chain, technology and processes.

c. KPI Based Performance Management System: We Make your business to perform by identifying underlying processes pains, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), measuring, monitoring and reporting KPIs, analyzing and controlling operational parameters to achieve desired KPIs. Innogress believes in partnering with customers to help them in achieving their business performance goals along with Constant Improvement.

d. Supply Chain Optimization Consulting: Supply chain is always critical for your business and delivers direct value to your customers. Agility, Responsiveness, Reliability, Efficiency, Safety & Flexibility are critical parameters for making Supply Chain as a pillar for organization’s competitiveness. In order to bring that competitive edge, we work in realigning your supply chain with customer needs and make it more responsive, agile, efficient, reliable, flexible and safe in existing  resources.  Please click here for details

e.  Business Process Re-engineering (BPR): Firms could take advantages of business process re-engineering for cutting cost and cycle time in overall business operations. Under this our consultants collaboratively works with client's team to design new processes which are as per emerging business needs and customer centric. We provide industry domain specific business process Re-Engineering capabilities.


2. Business Growth Management :  

a. Business Growth Strategy Consulting: Growing business requires multi dimensional planning and implementation of initiatives. Project needs to be conceptualized, analyzed, planned and executed for strategic alignment with growth objectives. Innogress helps you in understanding emerging market trends through Market Research and evolves your strategic growth plan.

b. New Market Entry Strategy Consulting: As per strategic growth plan, new market entry plans are evolved by Innogress for its Customers. We identify and structure desired business alliances and partnerships opportunities for creating a growth centric ecosystem.

c. New Projects Feasibility Consulting: For business growth, new projects needs to be launched, but before launching new projects, its feasibility needs to be evaluated. Innogress helps our Clients to  assess and evaluate feasibility of green field as well as brownfield projects for various industry sectors. 

d. Transformational Project Management Consulting (PMC): While you undertake many transformational projects, supporting and managing those projects itself requires lots of planning, supervision activities and attention from your team. We are professional program managers, our PMC (Progg. Mgmt. Consulting) services enables you with right kind of methodologies, tools and skill sets in enabling your entire program and managing it professionally. Through our PMC capabilities and skills, you may control your project cost, time and project quality while meeting your business commitments and objectives.

3. Business Development As Service (BDAS) :  We have unique  BDAS Methodology  for developing business of our customers through below activities

a. ‘Go-To-Market’ (GTM) Advisory: In today's competitive, challenging and complex business environment, marketing and generating business for your products and services are not a straightforward task. It requires 360º persuasion involving consultative and solution oriented selling. At Innogress we enable our customers in marketing their products and services by offering Business Development function As a Service.  Under BDAS, GTM Advisory is our key  deliverable for Market Segments Identification, Products / Services Target and Positioning, Products and Services launch.

b. Business Ecosystem Development:  Your ecosystem is going to be your competitive advantage & partner in all stages of your business. Innogress through its proven 5 Jewels consulting, identifies and builds various components of your business ecosystem, and can help you scaling your business by aligning with various stakeholders of the industry. Be it establishing a positive interaction framework with industry analysts, investors, consultants, media & professional networks, regulators, retailors,  business partners, channel partners, vendors and customers/consumers groups.

c. Account Development & Opportunity Research: B2B (Business To Business) marketing requires extensive efforts in identifying and understanding your target customer accounts. Once customer accounts are identified then it need to be developed and on-boarded into regular relationship with key decision makers. Innogress helps its clients in developing and maintaining those strategic relations with its customers in a professional way which creates tremendous sustainable value to business. Further customer requirement analysis in pre-sales stage requires extensive research of target accounts which involves B2B meetings, discussions, information collection and analyzing those information for generating business opportunities, sales leads and subsequently using this stage research for customizing business proposition. Innogress has exhaustive Account’s oriented opportunity research and analysis methodologies, which gives your sales and marketing team to strategically approach emerging business opportunities. 

d.  Business Proposition & Offer Management: Innogress Analysts and Consultant can enable your Business Proposal preparation  activities by providing strategic information, content, data related with solutions, technologies, solution architecture, practices, processes, commercials and  strategic costing based on emerging engagement models and account/opportunity based research carried out during pre-sales.  Innogress can do strategic bid management for large RFP’s and RFQ’s of your customers and can give that extra professional touch which keep you ahead of your competitors.

4. Digital Consulting Services :  

a. Digital Business Advisory Services (DBAS): Enterprises are embarking their Digital journey as Digital adoption gets rolling up. Innogress DBAS is your advisory partner for your Digital initiatives through Gamut of services like Digital Business Strategy Advisory, Enterprise Digital Transformational consulting through SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, IoT). Please click here for details


"INNOGRESS through its DBAS frame work establishes road map for Digitally Transformed Enterprise on emerging capabilities of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, IoT)"


b. Blockchain Consulting : Distributed Ledger based Blockchain technology is appearing as catalyst for adding trust into trust deficit business ecosystem. In order to enable Blockchain implementations, we at Innogress evaluate what all business processes and underneath technologies need to be made Blockchain compliant. We further advises you on migrating to Distributed Ledger based business processes and Blockchain technology based solutions.

c. IT Solution Consulting: Once project gets identified, we need to have most suitable solution which realizes project objectives quickly. Solution design and development is done by analyzing business requirements vis-a-vis what technologies are available in market. We work for firming up business and functional requirement specifications for packaged based solutions as well as for custom build solutions. We provide Cloud Solutions Consulting, Enterprise Mobility Solution Consulting, Social Platform Solution Consulting, Applied Analytics Solution Advisory, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) & Big Data Solutions Advisory, IoT Solution advisory and Enterprise Application Solution Advisory Services. 

We have in house frame work for technology and product evaluation while recommending most suitable solution be it ERP, SCM, CRM, ECM, EDMS or basic IT systems. We are also using Cloud Based Strategies for reducing your solution enablement cost and time to launch your IT Strategies.

We have Business Analysis (BA) capabilities, which works in collaboration with customer’s team to understand business requirements during application development, application enhancement or migration. Our BA creates BRD, based on which FRS & SRS are further developed.

Our Analysts tracks Software and Services Markets across Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, SCM), Artificial Intelligence (BOTs, VPA, NLP, ML, DL, RPA), Big Data/Analytics, Information Management (ECM, Portals/Platforms), API, Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, BPaaS, IaaS), Enterprise Mobility & Mobile Apps., AR/VR, Social, Block Chain, IoT, Smart Cities, Digital Mesh, etc. and able to provide you with deep insights on various vendors solution portfolios enabling you to select best solutions & products for your enterprise needs. 

Apart from business based solutions, we have solutioning capability for IT infrastructure Systems like enabling Data Networks, Data Centers, Digitization Systems, Enterprise Security Management, and Enterprise Collaboration and Infrastructure as Service (Cloud Computing).

d. IT Governance Consulting: While delivering business value to enterprise, IT organization itself needs to be organized in a way to deliver agile and value based services. Entire IT setup needs to be standardized as per international standards like ITIL or COBIT or Agile Scrum.
Be it functions of Service Desk, Demand Management, Availability Management, Change Management, Capacity Management, Service Level Management, Financial Management or Sourcing, we have framework for designing, optimizing and delivery value through proven processes and methodologies.

e. Digital Portfolio Optimization Consulting: Because your Enterprise adopted IT at different point of time in different ways, hence it is quite possible that you own up multi generation technologies in geographical pockets. Managing and up keeping multiple legacy systems are not simple and cost effective.

Innogress helps its customers to identify, analyze, plan, optimize and consolidate portfolios of legacy IT systems, Digital Assets and multiple instances to extract enhanced business value from existing systems at lower cost. We also partner with you to optimize your IT system support, maintenance and costs by defining your Outsourcing opportunities and plans.


"Through our unique Portfolio Optimization Framework, we make your existing Digital Assets to get effectively utilized for Run and Change the Business projects"


5. Customer Success Program (CSP):  Customer Acquisition Advisory Services, Customers Onboarding & Adoption Advisory, Customer Intelligence Services, Customer Churn Analysis, Customer Advocacy & Engagement Services, Customer Retention & Renewal Advisory. Click here for details


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