“Consultants of Innogress have demonstrated immense business understanding in terms of emerging challenges and they have really delivered actionable plans and solutions in order to de-bottleneck our operations and modernize our Technology”

“Kind of insights they have delivered from operational data, shows their capability in terms of understanding data from multiple dimension and presenting that into a framework which is understood and relevant for business”

“Their IT Solutioning capabilities are really commendable, they bring wide market insights of emerging technologies and maps well with business requirements for delivering long term value”

“We had operational constraints in  distribution side of our supply chain, we were not able to point to exact solution, Innogress consultants through their business process analysis framework, and solutioning capabilities, were able to analyze process constraints, optimized it and enabled it on relevant Tech. platform” “We wanted to have higher exposure to developing markets like India, China and South Asia, but we were clueless where to focus and where to put investment for quick ROI. Innogress consultants helped us to understand emerging markets in better way and their market analysis capabilities are really credible”


Innogress is a Global Research Analyst to Advisory firm having credentials in areas like

  • Business Research & Consulting Services
  • Digital Consulting Services
  • KPO Services
  • Analyst Relations
  • Robotics

Innogress takes end to end transformational projects right from Research, Advise to Execute and delivers unique value to customers by bringing depth industry experience. Innogress has consulting focus in areas of Market Research, Market Analysis, Business Performance Management, Cost Optimisation, Business Growth Management and having unique frameworks of '5 Jewels' and BDAS (Business Development As Service) for continuous value delivery.

In order to make your business perform, grow and sustain, Innogress has robust Digital enablement framework through gametes of Digital Consulting Services. Whether you are planning to have better RTB (Run The Business) or planning to have CTB (Change The Business), you should have insights of your business. Through our KPO Services, we enable that insight by advanced cutting edge analytical models, which helps in understanding your data, create M/C Learning models, contexts and contents of your transactions from strategic perspective.

Innogress also runs an Analyst Relation Program known as '5 Jewels of Analyst Relations' for Tech. Firms and Tech. Investors.

Innogress Stands for ‘Inno+ gress’ -Innovation + Progress’.

Established by group of professionals who have wide experience in market research, analysis and consulting across various industry domains like Financial Services, High Tech., Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Logistics/SCM and Energy and Utility Sector. Innogress has global delivery centers based out of Asia Pacific in India, and secondary delivery center based out of US and UK.

Innogress has geographical footprints in Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and growing African markets. Innogress is also COE (Center Of Excellence) partners for Stark Consulting Services Inc., USA & Gan Technologies (UK) Ltd.

Innogress has consulting capabilities in functional areas, like Supply Chain Management, Strategic Sourcing, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Market Analysis, Market Entry, 'Go-To-Market' Strategies, Business Development Plan and GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance).

Our analysts, consultants and professionals have worked for various large MNCs to local SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) to Startups and have varied knowledge of business complexity and challenges at various levels of the businesses. We have a Center of Excellence (CoE) for SME business segments and have focused frame work for rapid value delivery.

Service Lines

Services are structured under five broad categories

  1. Business Research & Consulting Services: Business Performance Management and Cost Optimisation, Business Growth Management- through a consolidated offering '5 Jewels', BDAS (Business Development As Service), Customer Success, PMC Services

  2. Digital Consulting Services: Digital Business Advisory Services (DBAS), Digital Solution Consulting, IT Governance Consulting, IT Portfolio Optimization & Outsourcing Consulting

  3. KPO Services: Data Analytics Services, Data and Content Management Services, Risk & Compliance Support Services

  4. 5 Jewels of Analyst Relations

  5. Robotics

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